Sailing Day Charter in Sint Maarten

Choose your itinerary for a successful day charter from 9.00 am till 5.00 p...

2 days & 1 night charter

This short term cruise fits perfectly a first boating experience. 2 days give you the oppo...

Week Charter

Long distance or short cruise along the surrounding  islands: Multiply the a...

Charter on Demand

  We can organise a cruise on demand  Opt for your personal itinerary and ...

Lucy - Alpha 42

Lucy - Alpha 42  Lucy is a high quality american build 2015 midsize cru...

Catamaran 46'

CATAMARAN SEADUCTION 46' Seaduction is a 46 feet Robertson and Caine Leopard...

Sailing Catamaran 47' "MOJITO"

CATAMARAN LEOPARD 47 “MOJITO” Sailing this Leopard 47 is a real pleasure wit...

Power Cat 47'

POWERCAT PC47' ''NIRVANA'' Nirvana is a luxurious powercat Robertson and Caine...

  • Sailing Day Charter in Sint Maarten

  • 2 days & 1 night charter

  • Week Charter

  • Charter on Demand

  • Lucy - Alpha 42

  • Catamaran 46'

  • Sailing Catamaran 47' "MOJITO"

  • Power Cat 47'

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